Love Your Muscle Cells. You Only Get Them Once!

Love your muscles

Did you know that unlike the cells of say our lungs or our skin, skeletal muscle cells cannot regenerate themselves? Meaning if that muscle cell dies it is gone for good! This explains the upmost importance of taking care of our muscles, keeping them strong, and providing them with the blood circulation and oxygen they need to survive through the walk of life! Yoga and massage are great ways to take care of our muscles amongst MANY other reasons! You only get one body in a lifetime. Please LOVE it and show it its worth.


Now Scheduling Massages!

Hello! I am now currently taking appointments for my new massage office in Downtown Littleton. I am also excited to say it is inside a new and upcoming yoga studio (soon to be announced) which I will be teaching at a couple times a week. Yes one of the classes will be my Modified class so I look forward to seeing my yogis again SOON! Stay tuned! Until then give me a call or message me if you want to schedule a massage!

Mother’s Day Gifts!

Don’t forget Sunday is Mother’s Day! If you are looking for a gift for that special Mom in your life to help her de-stress, a massage or yoga session is perfect! Call, text, or email if interested.



Hello Friends!

Starting next Saturday the 16th I will be holding yoga classes!  There will be two classes regularly scheduled, Modified Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga.  Classes will be semi-private and limited to 5 people which will allow me to work more closely with my students.  That being said, you must RSVP to attend due to the limited space.  Classes had only been posted for 10 minutes and students were RSVPing so please be sure to reserve your space.  For further information and to RSVP please visit and carefully read over the “Yoga Classes & Descriptions” tab.  If you have ANY questions at all please feel free to contact me!  I so look forward to teaching my beloved students again and to seeing your smiling faces on Saturday mornings which eminently brighten my LIFE!

Other pertinent info:

Classes are $9 per class. (payment due upon class, CASH or CHARGE)


Modified Yoga
This yoga class is for those who may need modifications to poses due to recovery from an injury or due to circumstances through their journey of life. This class is slower paced with gentle poses which include both strengthening, stretching and relaxation. Props are highly encouraged such as yoga blocks, straps and maybe even chairs, for those who may need assistance with balance. Patience and respect is requested as we help others work through poses that may need special attention. Every BODY is different and every BODY has different needs.

Vinyasa Yoga
Using a synchronized breath movement, we will flow through poses smoothly relaxing the mind as well as releasing any blockage of energy flow throughout the body. By moving through these poses we will mindfully increase our heart rate gently working our cardiovascular system. Some holding poses will be incorporated to build strength and release the muscles of tendencies and creating space for healthy and new muscle memory strength and flexibility. Meditation as well as Pranayama (breath work) will be incorporated to create a balance of Prana (energy, life force) within our being. Vinayasa is GREAT FOR BEGINNERS! Let go of judgement, have faith in yourself and allow YOUR practice to be YOURS alone!

Office Now Open!

I am officially open for business in my new space as of tomorrow and have availability!  The first to fill up my schedule tomorrow will receive 20% off your session.  Message me if you are interested!

Yay! Just signed the lease on my very own office space!  I am so excited to make this a beautiful healing space for my clients and students !