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Candlelight Flow!


Who is ready to flow?  In the candlelight none the less!  Starting Thursday, January 7th at 6:30pm I will be teaching a candlelight flow at Maha Soul.  Thursday nights are a great time to wind down from the week and roll into a fabulous weekend.  We will work on sloughing off the old and creating room for positivity and growth within.  This class will be more challenging than my modified class and I will encourage you to play and challenge yourself.  Be prepared to flow with your ujjayi breath and awaken your energy, but of course not without a little meditation at the end!

Amber B.


Amber-Brunner-Pink                       Maha Soul

Guess what! Maha Soul opens doors this Friday! I will be teaching my first class Saturday morning at 8:45 am. My Modified and Adaptive Yoga class is great for anyone who may be struggling with any obstacles they may be experiencing physically or emotionally. In this class we work together to make your yoga practice work for you! It is also a great class if you are a beginner or have not done yoga in a while and want to mindfully dip your toes back in! I hope to see you there! Much love! Namaste